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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 8, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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a victory as well. bay bridge demolition teams bring the bridge down. how much water it has left. >> : at 11 dispatcher for his heroic actions feared what he is saying for the day that changed his life forever. >> : now at eight still no sign of a woman who was last seen more than a week ago along the slopes of mount past few. after a search and rescue crews spent a few days a lot missed looking for a missing woman >> : right authorities had are pulling back so soon. none >> : did have a small team out on the mound looking for when taos ski but that's a far
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cry from the one where the volunteers that scar the non or the past weekend. magli nugget and crusty on sunday march 1st wenches and a security camera. her car was still on the same spot authorities start looking for her effort was scaled back monday. compared cases were other women have gone missing. on christmas 2002 a c peterson disappeared in modesto california and more than a thousand people search for her for weeks until her body was found the following april. in march of 201250 year-old syrup bench morgan held hundreds of people searched the area appeared once up for months would never heard she remained missing in two years later there are still weekly organize churches. there are big differences between the past cases in the search for red belly up. natalie now.
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>> : both assert peterson and lamar were well-known in their respective communities. according to her family the woman was new to the bay area she had few friends and no family nearby. it took today's for anyone notice to the sink it ranges with the california state park that limited resources and any credible information in order to send search crew to find her. >> : we need to gather information silicon widely the resources. back live now anyone with information is asked to contact sit party >> : >> : not guilty plea at leland's to serious crimes including weapons trafficking. 29
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people and a corruption case street including school board president and notorious former chinatown gangster. airline >> : senators said nothing as he arrives courthouse tuesday once inside the courtroom he pleaded not guilty. to allegations of bribery and conspiracy to deal to import arms trade as political consultant keith jackson also pleaded not guilty to charges he facilitated murder for hire and conspired to afford political favors and deal an import arms. court documents suggest that jackson any team under scrutiny after crossing paths with raymond chow. it was already under investigation. chow remains in custody on charges of money-laundering conspiracy to receive transfer property and conspiracy to traffic contraband cigarettes pre did not enter he will plead
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not guilty like everyone else. you wanna work at it first. a falling today's arraignment police there ought not only said he his client is innocent but slammed the government case in tactics pre is a case where ultimately the government created the crime the government finance the crime and the government in snared my client by their affirmative acts. to entrapment the two gorges government behavior and there and from our perspective a motive of racism and unadulterated racism. he plans to put the government on trial. 21 of the 29 defendants and the stretching kids were in court today. they will all be bac friday for another hearing. >> :
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in san jose all home is destroyed two others damaged in a neighborhood fire near the west gate mall. it happened monday on maus books are kron campbell avenue the for the time of fire was with a gas line. crews kept the gas meter appeared that had melted and left off natural-gas from the second one was injured in the fire because of still being investigated. western said as i could ship the in san francisco dozens of passengers on the pressure traveling on trip between los angeles and the evanses all have come not what the summit buyers trade is says that 37 passengers on board the ship reported been sick with an illness that is linked to narrow virus. first cases of the element reported officials say that the ship's crew it get began disinfecting services passengers on board were encouraged washin streets
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the passengers were isolated and kevin. >> : check out website right here main page and at the top of the one-stop shop if you are protected cell from our of virus and learn more about it. walk through radically we answer questions like why is it so, on cruise ships and what causes it to spread so fast and make some money people sick. and how immature year not the man next patient. all the info and more right on the kron4- dot-com. >> : the driver who killed a 70 year-old girl as she is crossing the boulevard and if his goal last year has been handed what many people consider a surprisingly short jail sentence. >> : back on march of last year when 17 year-old was crossing here. as of her birthday here in the crosswalk doing everything right but she was struck and killed by a drunk driver now
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the man responsible for her death has only been sentenced to six months of in jail. 29 year-old was sentenced this morning for that accident. the judge going easy on the the man who was behind a wheel. last month here flex guilty of three felony counts including vehicular manslaughter in the light causing injury. i spoke with the d.a.'s office today on fonda told me that a family of the young girl believed not is not upset with the judge's ruling. saying that they believe he is very remorseful for what he has done. the six laws that he'll spend behind bars you also be responsible for retribution and court fees along with 300 hours of community service. >> : please on the lookout for a group of bangles retarded smart card. please state beginning 1:00 a.m. monday morning a group of what is the shirts and began assault
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on the cars through the cars are took over in damage and around san francisco broke hyde steroid. for carbon allies about a mile away and patella neighborhood. to my plea say no other small cars have been analyzed when located of the copper will face felony vandalism charges which means present time in fines. >> : today miles scott throw the first pitch " winner. they beat the arizona and diamondbacks. >> : when the fund. yes. after a quiet afternoon at 18 c parts. fiver old miles scot who is in remission after fighting off looking young drove out like a bad man himself would. in the bat car. it is all about the first pitch. this is what
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that throw look like. does all this is going i'm miles got quite a reaction from thousands of fans in eight scenes the park. last november he said the city of differences go which was turned into gotham city for the day. the mayor even gave miles the key to the city. he did not fight any people in the park but he was side-by-side with the san francisco giants. is any of the baseball players yes. did you the second of them cool. >> : what was in the giants make you. >> : a key. >> :
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there is great. and it extends for thousands of fans and hundreds of workers here at the ballpark. workers who saw at times looking right looking left helped itsbat kid >> : starting this isn't spent a lot to meld their business kids much as part of a mandate a major-league baseball stating that all teams installed defect is the to the 15. >> : from hot dogs of the checks out the range of ballpark food. >> : some places not only warm but pot sedate damages in
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the '70s and much of the bay area on here in the weather station. along with the summer last trade >> : some areas break 92 that's how hot it got. centerfold bridge toll plaza was overcast skies renault will continue to the evening fog is a limit as well patchy at that. nonetheless we have overcast at of which will bring temperatures down a bit for the morning commute. similar radar imagery joined by cloud cover over california not a big deal of rain. >> : 50 in san mateo 50 in sunnyvale. well tell you about afternoon highs and 74 cats coming up >> : airplane just crashed upon landing. >> : ahead tonight a dispatcher who took frantic phone calls during the deadly airline
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crash f asat sfo it as be honored tonight. that store at 830. >> : news conference wrapping up in austria where they're working about time to find a missing or letter. show you what they have to say. >> : on the old span of the bay bridge today i have an update of how demolition is going and found out what drivers on the new span need to look out for. >> : bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose.
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that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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but surely old span of the bay bridge is coming down. did tonight justine is one of the few journalists today that went out under and onto the old stand to see at the demolition is billing plus she tells what drivers on the list and should be looking for. >> : on a ball from underneath old spaniel and see the large gap of the section. as 50 ft. wide. work here started in november and is progressing quickly. workers
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are up there removing pavement and steel frame called trusses piece by piece. trevor's to slow down this step now missing section is a distraction demolition crew is aware of. if this thing for four to big to be missing from public view. we how recommend to the public your eyes on the road gets its pick from the water we also sought new bids elevator on the newsstand. by this summer it will go all the way to the top to the tar pit as just put in on monday. we did not have that meant all their installed. workers are ministers would have declined if the worth of letters to get the top of the car. >> : a dry summer that we had a. will all live up to where the gap is on the bridge here we can see part of the upper and lower decks are gone. crews using cutting
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torch is to take the better part. the dismantling of the bridge starts here. in the middle and worse as way outward. majority of the work is still had. it's about 14 under the of the upper roadway. and there is only 54 get right now. if you look at the 2,400 ft. of the bridge. he feels that a >> : rebel on waco. the entire world span of the bay bridge should be completely down in three of five years. for now an old span >> : color and the beira keynote speaker today in san francisco marketing conference call not here as a candidate she did talk about voting. for secretary of state and first lady is urging congress the obama administration and nation's lawyers to protect voting rights. they she says there are still problems with the system including racial discrimination. others still
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were on whether she is running for president are more speeches to come. mrs. clinton is scheduled to appear in san jose state university on thursday as part is a lecture series featuring prominent when it went pre dealing >> : mars opposition the that means the red planet will be trying 10 times brighter than other stars. mars opposition will brings us closer to mars mutt thousand miles closer than we will ever get to to the orbit is one in eight website to die out. if he said the departure of be tough for an ounce of its is complete work over cast as the stock a good picture beat should play our way to feed >> : -the choose for the afternoon it broke 90 in some isolated areas of san house aide. unconfirmed reports nonetheless pot. you
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can see it what at at least while after the morning fog burns off. we will have a thought the morning commute pageant that fit properly at of the plea of sunshine. similar conditions what we have today. 57 will be the high-end differences go seventh to an open senate to for his no. 75 and 80 in pleasanton. where sunshine old a " done nothing to write home about kids at the masters and the low sixties to mid 70's. >> : i'm sure this is not how some people envision opening day at at&t park in san francisco but let's forget about the police action and pay attention to this guy and his auto. they're a lot for a straw in the day. this meant that to give for jaywalking it after a celebrates. he decides to sit around and court officers.
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>> : are the park are signs which read let's go riding restricted ticket services go traffic running on some of the laws under the age of 13ยข to one refines you find people all over the age of 13 riding on the sidewalk. you always said that we live in an alternate universe what appears my breath. this is an eight year old and yes she is walking her bike on the sidewalk. however few blocks away on embarcadero you can ride on the sidewalk just with caution. also contenders of any kind are formidable on city streets but apart people seem to be under the impression that that rule has been stricken from the books a matter where i know there's always someone with an open container drinking in public without a care in the world.
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actually consists 7% this quiet selling sunflowerseed and water each for dollar. but this guy's selling bootleg t-shirts pre of my favorite was the sky so what appears to be >> : whatever it about the street scuppers of the aggressive type that need to unload the tickets then there there's your the sky above burglar's trade one file now >> : can make this stuff up. intemperances customer roberts kron 4 news. none >> : of representatives of the nicest of america this is not a frat house. tough talk
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from a member of kron diskette from bay area after one of her colleagues gets caught on camera and a compromising position. to that what he is saying about family values to feed and next is up rick to be doctors busy and you may not be in the clear. >> :
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his of ms. lawler rise in california student there was isolated after testing positive for the virus on friday. that's compared to only four reported cases at the same time last year. now officials at uc-berkeley are offering clinics and a fine students about health risks especially for those who travel. >> : any of those cases are
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related to travel out wrecks of measles and other countries. to the to the philippines england and so forth. >> : health officials say if you think you might be at risk you first should check immunize a shredded a few have records any and all of you been immunized but say you should get tested here and i still had men and women are equal in their paychecks should follow suit. that's the message present obama is spreading. we have details on two new executive actions. >> : some people, but here for the opening game for the ball park to >> : of light was on the menu as a real home run. coming up. >> :
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some at fast-food chain trend to mend its image from all-inclusive people to show you why + of the new white airlines have. emergency management awarded its dispatcher of the year coming up will hear what he has say about that tragic day at 214 crash landed at has say about that tragic day at 214 crash landed at sfo. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery.
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in one of the heroes of international airport celestial light what 191 dispatchers be recognized by for many cool, collected. prices. >> : what's special about this award is the dispatcher of the year. recognize the work that he did want to honor him for. but he refuses to take full credit. >> : i'm very honored to have their word but honestly it was team mark there's no way one person could do all this. the certificate of honor for providing live saving services on july 6, 2013 the day asia on flight 214 crash landed in san fransico international airport.
8:31 pm
>> : the tragic day matthew of the airport duty in the middle of his shift things got hectic all of sudden he is the coordinating and keeping track of all the fire trucks and ambulances our dispatch from san francisco to sfo. he says he did not have time to think about it. only reacting to what was needed. is very fast paced will never acting the firecracker crude goes on the radio everyone remained really come. that was key to critical event if you panic you lose control. when setting work that he did on the great tragic day as our present of that type of work that all manner 91 once dispatchers do that'll keep the public safe but keep the fellow responders safety is a mess he did. none >> :
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meth you also have to make sur he wasn' >> : news tonight 18 year-old man behind bars after he was caught masquerading behind elementary school happened just after noon time today. no children are present at the time. >> : this just in at the newsroom australian authorities say they have detected pings for what could be a black boxes from malaysian flights to 70. this turn of benson's the plane left great art a month ago. in line i cannot tell you what have required the signals on two more occasions. but like yesterday afternoon in light last night 239 people remain unaccounted for many
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theories still exists about what may happen to a plan. from catastrophic to act of terrorism did things from the black box alas for certain amount of time before they die out here australia set to send a submarine to try and find the wreckage and the black box. today is equal pay day. and to honor the need for quality as and obama signed two executive orders and its strengthening to loss. some workers to find out that if they're being compensated fairly all compared to college to measures will only apply with federal contracts. my >> : the republicans oppose any efforts to even the playing field for working families. some say the president's actions are political moves since the democrats see it will pay as an issue that could help them went in the 2014 midterm election. >> : it after two years and
8:34 pm
protesting controversy deflates softening position to same set his marriage. check flight at ceo is essentially apologizing telling usa today all must become more wise as time goes by. sincerely care about all people to leading politicians and others to discuss social issues. back in court delays of remember the two companies' preference of traditional families this is stance comes as other and fast-food chain plans to expand nationally and a few years to flay has opened up here in the bay area. >> : $100 million donation from mark and zero and beyond will bring new names and money to bay area children hospital. the donation will support existing programs and basic and clinical research at the two hospitals a state hospital be known as the cfs children cost oakland all
8:35 pm
san fransico hostile be known as u.s. at children's hospital. >> : this is the second but was given. the first major $100 million donation back in 2010. mark benny office see all of cell for not con. major political donor here in the bay area. >> : now saying he is sorry. a show you what local lawmaker has said about it. and lima crisis can we activated airlines will expand three >> : completely new resigned user interface not everyone is happy spittoon at coming up in the tech report.
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ms. knight twitter has
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completely redesigned its look and user interface the new profile layout looks and acts like a lot like this mutt which is upsetting a lot of users. twitter users live up the network today with reaction to the new look. there was positive remarks but there were outnumbered by the negative. like this one from selena sang things like it like it in the steal from johnson and the beauty of twitter as adits not face appeared >> : sought simplicity of matter is what they love and making it look like this book as a mistake. >> : to like this that gives these are huge profile picture and behind that of the public profile as large a better image pre the whole look of the redesign is for centric ford's videos are funds entered law less tax sunday. everything's bigger and a little easier to take in visually what was the the new well as more user- friendly. tweed's the more popular will appear more larger trade have been there
8:39 pm
and read it more than others is called the treatment can one of its leaves the top of your profile. that way with you feel represents you on your product can be front and center. but filling the idea behind his new book is to make easier to quickly learn about person from looking at their profile. bottom-line this because we more uses than twitter the right way more money as unsurprising that twitter is copying them. but the street from e p makes an interesting point if it to continue to look like this mutt why continue with the 140 character limit. that watter 40 character limit now feels like the biggest difference between facebook and twitter. i'm not sure if that's enough for the >> : to the about the fact today was the giants' home opener. but the got the ball park to >> : of the checking up ballpark
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cuisine. i'm not sure of its cuisine but will call it that. are talking more than peanuts. sweet potato fries with chipotle and cemented or my hot dog warm french- made caramel corn young don't take my word for it as see the bit spoiled food critics. hot dogs grabbed. in its differences go you have crab. the fresh crab that i'm not sure of. it's fresh. >> : hotdogs how many 90 years.
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the secret to your long live the ballpark hot dogs. moderation and everything. >> : we have compared the ball parks and we have on died and if there's a night at 8. >> : the ditches that side pretty nice in san francisco all run the bay area action. grit whether those we'll continue with the next few days a little cooler a five day trend. roca's read as a like the colors of the services go all the way to 88 to 75 today. very nice conditions the colombo will start thursday and friday.
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nothing dramatic my calling for snow little bit cooler special in the morning of see that. a lot of fog will be developing in the overnight hours of the fog will also persist in the morning commute after that burns off and a lot of the sunshine act of the next several is partly cloudy conditions off and on and was part very fair conditions. >> : pour for a list of the good is going after recent stars feed good time to head up there. and hit the slopes. >> : still had a conservative congressman saying sorry after video services apparently showing him in a very long kiss is not with his wife. and lime prices going up and out airlines are going sour. coming up in sports giants power wade win in their home opener today.
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at you, a husky a historic season and an n.c.a.a. garry has all pilots next. salesperson #1: so, again, throwing in the $1,000
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ruling did from their rendell. you deliver blood to clot pot run homer.a two runr to one giants templates in his ruling. his first start at the san francisco giant 10 years ago he was the oakland athletics. michael morris did the one giants morse couples hit skidded 391. but let's then was the story today eight innings with three runs to burn. of the two little star. at the game raymond l. adding about why he is on fire. >> : it's one the things that the good right now. you out
8:46 pm
there and try to be consistent as possible. plan out there as long as it can. it's at a great atmosphere that there also appear. >> : the giants have liked the word had indeed come over here. and you. giants elite of automatic and as we should say it's no one's fault and things to work as the machines. >> : a more about when can imagine a wholly owned by now the company the great media general says it can you imagine robotic enters their major no blemishes and heraclius no expenses will get nice.
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>> : after the game the giants kind of leak out the negotiations with paul load on for right now. his agent has set hayfield pitney by the all-star break look out. but one more time giants thank at this point in time we prefer to wait till and the year. it's what consistency public has. a 65 game suspension was is in for using performance enhancing drugs when you hit like this you can be a lottery can do what every want people will love you. two months they drove in seven runs for using a clean. milwaukee beat the phillies ctenophore. dodgers have a new calling on mascot. it is unique performance character and no big deal. area as a unique
8:48 pm
performance character at dodger stadium. here you'll see the thing. >> : cameras moving and curio. and what i'm afraid of to be honest with him out after as did one thing the move said decide what of it starts coming this way i'm leaving. >> : you con and uttered a name that this was going on here is scared. drizzle and a little bit the and the oakland 75 and over. run a store and you can't just too
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good. first time in history and national championship games men or women first time they ever had to undefeated teams play for a championship. there was no stopping g l ahriman company did they win going away tonight trampled national tragedy in japan and see a crown that summit for most all lime 7958 connecticut. restaurant and former kentucky player who thinks john paul party might go. we'll need to hear that it even say much mumble little bit. the senate last night today it insomuch john paul par will be the next head coach. of the lakers garry some video here and will head out here no tiger but are will show you right met early best finish in 15th place at the masters. with no was. this is the
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boss did bill nichols than trying to taught on old polymer tighter was with his fourth masters title no tiger but filled nicholson will be in shape. i cannot have a robot camera submit your video to kron 4 if you're funny piece of sports video kron4-dot-com you can be on this and applebaum. so lawmaker caught apparently ignoring family values he promised [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game.
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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some airlines the lives of the menu as the prices skyrocket. the airline is flying 15 to 20% of its
8:54 pm
usual stuff. lufkin airlines is now serving lemon's some pleasance of those go talk with a battle lines cost $16 a couple months ago now it costs $60. or more. was this are eating the cost about it all others are increasing the price of premium are areas which include the for squeeze flights did some targets including. mexican drug cartel are extorting the lime growers. also the job here in bad weather in florida are combined to create a perfect storm of sorts. republican congressmen apologizing tonight after video services showing the married a lawmaker kissing and along this woman outside his office. gramm is here now the story. >> : politicians have been known to fool around from time to time peerless be real. but rarely as a video and as
8:55 pm
the vineyard. louisiana rep that's mcalester were talking about branded himself as sort of a family man with a lot of values when he ran last year. >> : fifth the family and hard worker missing. eatontown on me to take of the use. family values applied of the platform the republicans ran on now this surveillance video by local newspaper in a row of louisiana ought has come a blown up mcalester's world trade justin walking with his staff prepared than kissing her outside the office as pam noted the kisses not brief the married father of five release the statement part " there's no doubt i follow it fell short am asking for forgiveness of 40 representative jack d. spear today unloading on mcallister. >> : this is not the first time it will probably not be the last time that happens on the republican side and happens on the democratic
8:56 pm
side. that does not make it right this is the house of representatives of the rise in its of america. this is not as a fresh house. >> : this effort in the video of the peacock resigned yesterday peacocks husband says now mcalester wreck his life and the gut tells been says he and wife are heading for a divorce >> : mcallister of elected last november a special election. made headlines earlier this year when he was invited to dog is the route will robertson be as guests at the president's state of the union address. he is old but he wanted it to be more but dynasty and unrelated than kissing someone and have to be on video. the thing is here and then a guy is and it appears like that of a hypocrite now. he says is not resigning we sought we will see elsie l. allen did @?a
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